Grants Awarded 2016-17

Westborough Education Foundation 2016-17 Grants Awarded

Total $14,000


Poet in Residence

Armstrong: Kelly White $1600

Mr. Green of Potato Hill Poetry will be the Poet In Residence at Armstrong School for a month.  The purpose of this project is to enhance the existing 3rd grade poetry unit.  Mr. Green’s love of words, detail, imagination and teaching are an inspiration. Students will be more engaged in their poetry exploration and creation with Mr. Green.   They will be able to use new strategies and techniques.


A STEM Initiative: Celebrating Science Day at WHS

WHS: Dr. Anu Deshpande $550

The WHS Science Club will host a town-wide Science Day at WHS.  The objective of this program is to stimulate excitement about science and engineering (STEM) among students of all ages and hopefully encourage students to follow a career path in science, technology, engineering and math.  The program will include a keynote speaker and workshops geared toward specific grade levels.


Moving and Learning

Hastings PreSchool: Cheryl Goodale, Kimberly Weldon $381

Physical development, social development and communication are cornerstones of the preschool curriculum, and the playground is the perfect place to facilitate learning through play.  This grant will provide additional play choices for children who are mobility impaired and will facilitate a more complex play schema and promote exploration, creativity and problem solving.


Bringing Learning to Life through Animation: Make a Video: Amazing Animated Video Maker GoAnimate

Gibbons Middle School: Mark McNeil, Julie Leach $626

The purpose of this project is to continue to utilize GoAnimate as an exciting storytelling application that is being used in Social Studies, skills and reading classes and with the ELL population.  GoAnimate allows students to make their own animated cartoon with moving characters, voiceovers and text options.  Students can use this to explain important moments in history, science concepts or events in an English story.  GoAnimate can be used to create biographies, original stories, historical events, songs, PSAs and much more.


Ukuleles for the Elementary Music Classroom

Fales:  Pam Yanco $1923.5

Ukuleles will be introduced in general music classes. After learning a few simple chords, students will be able to strum many songs and also be able to sing while playing.  These instruments will benefit all students at Fales.


Homework Helpers: Volunteer Tutoring and Academic Help

Westborough High School: Grace Cheng $350

Homework Helpers provides academic support to Gibbons Middle School students and Grace hopes to promote a positive learning environment.  This grant will support marketing, software to enrich the learning experience and scheduling processes that will allow Homework Helpers (group of HS students) to provide academic support to a larger group of Gibbons students.


African Tubano Drums

Mill Pond:  Jessica Matthews $1100

Circle drumming and world drumming provide students the opportunity to learn about world cultures and music in highly experiential, kinesthetic ways.  They will learn to appreciate the meaning and need for music around the world while also improving coordination and musical understanding.  These drums will benefit all grades.


Bee Bot Programmable Robots

Armstrong: Barbara Zinkovich $750

Bee Bot programmable robots will be incorporated into the library’s learning centers to provide STEM related enrichment.  The robots will help students learn sequencing, directions, coding and planning which will provide an introduction for coding and other robotics programs.


K-3 Dulcimers at Hastings

Hastings:  Jessica Matthews $ 1950

Dulcimers will be introduced in general music classes to all students.  Dulcimers are easy to play, but can also allow for more advanced and multi-level learning in the music classroom.  Students will learn to strum harmonies, practice keeping a steady beat and practice reading and writing their own music.


Best Buddies Leadership Conference

WHS:  Thomas Jacob, Connor Schoen, Angelina Corazzini $1050

This grant will allow 3 people from WHS’s Best Buddies Chapter to attend the 2016 Leadership Conference this summer.  Through participation at this conference, WHS will bring back fresh ideas and improved leadership skills to expand and invigorate the Best Buddies club at the HS which is one of the most active clubs.


Drum Circles for the Elementary Classroom

Armstrong:  Karin Puffer $1862

A drum circle is an interactive and collaborative experience for students to promote multicultural learning, develop motor skills, build self confidence and social skills and engage them in science and math in different ways.  These new drums will be available to all students in K-3 at Armstrong.


WHS Science Olympiad

WHS:  Paris Ghazi, Dr. Anu Deshpande $750

The purpose of this student driven team is to promote and sustain an interest and excitement for science and engineering.  Science Olympiad presents a vast range of subjects for students to engage in and put their skills to the test and interact with teams from across the nation at competitions.  This grant will help fund the cost of materials, as well as costs associated with the competitions.


Ranger Tech Squad

WHS: Steve Masciarelli, Pam Hebert, Julie Leach $760

WHS student interns will work with the Technology Department to implement a student help desk to provide increased technical support to students and staff during school hours.  As the schools introduce the 1 to 1 device initiative, it is necessary to support this type of learning environment.  The Tech Squad will help to quickly resolve technical issues and increase uninterrupted learning in the classroom.

Lisa Edinberg,
Oct 23, 2016, 7:22 AM