2014 Grants

The Westborough Ed Foundation has awarded grants totaling over $19,000 for the 2014-15 school year. Please joins us in congratulating the recipients and commend them and their innovative programs for our children!! 

Since its inception the Westborough Ed Foundation has awarded over $270,000 in grants to innovative educators across all grade levels in the Westborough School District. 

A reminder to save the date: The annual Trivia Bee has been scheduled for Monday, November 3rd at the Double Tree.  

Homework Helpers: Free Tutors

Westborough High School, Grace Cheng

Homework Helpers provides academic support to Gibbons Middle School students and to promote a positive learning environment. This grant will support marketing and scheduling processes that will allows Homework Helpers to provide academic support 

to a larger group of students,

iPads in the Classroom

Mill Pond School, Erin Yablonski, Amy D’Avia

The use of iPads in the classroom encompasses all learners, specifically those who learn best via visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning. Non only do iPads allow for the advancement and knowledge of technology applications, they also enable all learns 
to showcase their learning in a variety of ways. This grant will fund several iPads and supporting equipment.

Lisons et parlons des sciences! (Read and Talk about Science)

Westborough High School, Eleanor Brown

This grant will allow for the purchase of current science discovery book in French for use by intermediate-level students. These new non-fiction titles will allow students to foster a connection between the language they are learning and their science and 
technology interests. 

Yoga 4 Classroom to Empower Core Practices

Hastings Elementary School, Lauren Kennedy, Kim Keogh, Leigh Becker

It is the purpose of this grant to help young children develop self-regulation by practicing yoga into the classroom. 

Interactive Whiteboard Technology in the General Music Classroom

Mill Pond School, Andrea Ehrenreich

In order to facilitate multisensory music learning, this grant will fund new software programs including the “Interactive Now” series for interactive whiteboards. 


Westborough High School, Jo-Anne Purdy

The Bio Builder Curriculum encourages students to solve real world problems through synthetic biology. It allows students to act like scientists and not technicians following a cookie cutter lab procedure. This grant will ensure that all biology students have the 
consumables they need to run BioBuilder Labs. 

Annie’s Reading Stars Program

Fales Elementary School, Maryann Stannard

Annie’s reading Stars is a read-at-home program where each child is provided with a different bag of books to take home each week. This grant will fund the supplies required to store and deliver the books to the students’ homes with the plan to increase 
the span of the program over the next several years. This is the first program of its kindin Westborough Public Schools. 

Coming to America – Ellis Island Experience

Fales Elementary School, Kathleen Swanson, Patricia Gallo

This program will provide the students with a realistic immigrant experience. It will mirror what immigrants went through during their journey to America and upon their arrival at Ellis Island. The grant will cover customers, books, photography and other supplies to 
bring the immigrant experience to life. 

A Longitudinal Study of Westborough High School Graduate: year Five

Westborough High School, Judith Martin

The research on college readiness shows that there is a gap between the experiences of high school students and the expectations of colleges. Beginning with the Class of 2009, this program surveys graduates one year after graduation to ask whether they 
were prepared for college, work or military service. This grant will provide needed resources to complete the fifth year of this project. 

Functional Fitness at Gibbons Middle School

Gibbons Middle School, Nathan Jyringi, Sandy Robichaud

This grant will partially fund a new program that provides an instant activity for students to participate in at the beginning of each physical education class. Students will change and immediately begin a series of 10 fitness stations. With this program, over the 
course of two years, students will progress to higher fitness and strength levels. 

Clue: And Then There Were None

Gibbons Middle School , Denise Casale, Jennifer Nottingham

The grant is for a multi-disciplinary problem solving adventure based on the strategies employed by the board game, Clue, and Agatha Christie’s novel And Then There Were None. The project will prepare new 7thscience journal work. The project also prepares our team student, analytically, for a larger inquiry based CSI unit that takes place later in the school year. 

Book Club + Science = Fun

Gibbons Middle School, Lisa Greenwald

The purpose of this project is to show connections between non-fiction books and science. This grant will fund books and science experience supplies for students who will meet after school throughout the school year. Through participation in this program, 
students will combine a love of reading with hands on science activities. 

Museum in a Box: The Sequel

Westborough High School, Colleen Gormly, Ed Belbin

The grant is to fund the continuation of a program previously funded by the Westborough Education Foundation. The program funds the purchase of a collection of artifacts and primary sources for core history course at the high school. By putting 
authentic historical objects in front of students, this program gives them an authentic and valuable learning experience. 

Poet in Residence

Gibbons Middle School, Deb Lamothe

Alex Charalambides has been coming to the Gibbons Middle School for the past several years as a presenter and a culminating experience to the eight grade poetry project. Based on the tremendous response from Gibbons’ student to Alex Charalambides’s 
visits, the Westborough Education Foundation is proud to fund this program for another year.