2015 Grants

The Westborough Education Foundation has awarded grants totaling over $24,000 for the 2015-16 school year. Please join us in congratulating the recipients and commend them for their dedication to make learning fun for our children!


Since its inception, the Westborough Education Foundation has awarded over $300,000 in grants to innovative educators across all grade levels in the Westborough School District. 


Save the date: The Eighth Annual Trivia Bee has been scheduled for Monday, November 2nd at the DoubleTree Hotel.

The List of Winners:

Guest Artist Series:  Five O’Clock Shadow

Gibbons Middle School, Joe Stillitano

All 7th Grade students are required to take General Music class.  Students study and perform on a variety of instruments including the voice. Part of the curriculum focuses on the many ways the human instruments can be used to make music. Students learn how to create and perform vocal percussion. The purpose of this grant is to bring Five O’Clock Shadow, a Boston based vocal band that specializes in performing with the human instrument to work with the students to create and perform using only the human instrument.  Vocal percussion is a motivating tool to teach the human instrument.

Make a Video: Amazing Animated Video Maker –GoAnimate

Gibbons Middle School, Mark McNeil, Julie Leach 

Bringing Learning to Life through Animation.  The purpose of this project is to introduce and utilize GoAnimate as an exciting new storytelling application that can be used across several subjects.  GoAnimate allows students to make their own animated cartoon with moving characters, voiceovers and text options.  Students can use this to explain important moments in history, science concepts or events in an English story.

GoAnimate can be used to create biographies, original stories, historical events, songs, PSAs and much more.

Homework Helpers: Free Tutors

Westborough High School, Grace Cheng 

Homework Helpers provides academic support to Gibbons Middle School students and Grace hopes to promote a positive learning environment.  This grant will support marketing, software to enrich the learning experience and scheduling processes that will allow Homework Helpers (group of HS students) to provide academic support to a larger group of Gibbons students.

Lights! Camera! Action! READ!

Armstrong, Stephanie Stohr 

Inspiring a life-long love of learning and reading is the goal of this project.  Using the iMovie app to create book trailers will bridge the gap between student’s love for technology and reading.  The trailers will excite young readers to read the book and recommend quality books to each other.

Digital Design in the Visual Arts

WHS, Chris Martin 

Post-Secondary Art Programs use Apple products for visual editing and graphic design In order to gain the necessary skills and expertise with multi-media technology, through this grant, the Fine Arts Department will begin purchasing MacBook Pro Laptops to integrate into Digital Photography, Graphic Design and Advanced Placement Art classes.

Ukuleles for the Elementary Music Classroom

Armstrong, Karin Puffer 

Ukuleles will be introduced in general music classes. After learning a few simple chords, students will be able to strum many songs and also be able to sing while playing.

A Pilot Study in Guided Math: A Framework for Differentiating Math Instruction to Meet the Needs of All Learners

Mill Pond School, Jenny Deane 

The purpose of this project is to better support K-6 math teachers in differentiating math instruction via the instructional strategy of guided math.  Guided math is a structured practical way of matching math instruction to the diverse individual learners in the classroom.  This will provide students the opportunity to work in small groups where teachers can tailor mathematical learning experiences to meet all students needs.

The Thoreau Commons

WHS, Kathy Stoker and Anita Cellucci 

Research shows that outdoor spaces provide students with opportunities to improve physical health, social/emotional learning, as well as cognitive growth. The Thoreau Commons project will provide for an innovative outdoor classroom.  It will provide the opportunity for active, experiential and sensory learning for a wide range of classes, environmental literacy and engagement with the arts.

Lego Simple and Motorized Mechanisms

Gibbons Middle School, Jane Borden 

This grant will provide funding to purchase Lego Simple and Motorized Mechanisms kits for classroom sets.  This will allow for hands-on activities that support STEM initiatives. Students will have the opportunity to plan, design, build and test various machines.

WHS Massachusetts Bar Mock Trial Program

WHS, Nick Soutter 

Students will learn the rules of evidence and court procedure, making motions, objections, examinations and cross examinations as they participate in the MA Bar Association’s Mock Trial Program.  They will prepare and try a legal case where they compete against other schools in courthouses throughout the state.  Students will learn the theory and practice of law in the American judicial system.  They will develop diverse skills such as acting, presenting, debating, multi-tasking, teamwork and critical thinking.

Yoga 4 Classrooms IMPLEMENT Leader Training

Hastings Elementary School, Lauren Kennedy and Leigh Becker 

It is the purpose of this grant to continue to help young children develop self-regulation by practicing yoga in the classroom. The grant will allow additional staff members to attend a 3.5 day Professional Development Workshop and then bring the program back to the classroom as “tools for learning”  It is designed to foster student’s physical and psychological well being and create an atmosphere of confidence and enthusiasm where everyone can succeed.

Feeding the Learning

Mill Pond School, Sheila Labriola and Diane Maguire 

This project will activate a student driven school garden that can be integrated into science, math, social studies and language arts standards.  Students will have the opportunity to learn outside, connect with their community, understand the connection between agricultural practices and human health, nutrition, environment and sustainability.

Engaging Reluctant Readers through Readers Workshop

WHS Cheryl Tucker 

This grant will fund a reader’s workshop model where a classroom library will be created.  This will include multiple copies of high-interest and well-written books, both fiction and non-fiction. The purpose is to engage students in reading through a library filled with award-winning, interesting titles.

Equal Voices: Promoting Gender Equality at WHS

WHS Cheryl Tucker and Julie Matson

This grant will enable a group of students (male and female members of Equal Voices) to attend the annual MA Conference for Women.  Equal Voices is a club dedicated to promoting gender equality.


Westborough High School, JoAnne Purdy 

The Bio Builder Curriculum encourages students to solve real world problems through synthetic biology. It allows students to act like scientists and not technicians following a cookie cutter lab procedure.  It brings the most current research from prestigious universities directly to the HS and MS classrooms.  This grant will ensure that all biology students have the consumables they need to run BioBuilder Labs. The Westborough Education Foundation is happy to fund this program for another year.   

Poet in Residence

Armstrong Kelly White, Pamela Dunne, Patricia Marcus, Virginia Erwin,, Janet Hart, Stephanie Stohr 

Mr. Green of Potato Hill Poetry will be the Poet In Residence at Armstrong School for a month.  The purpose of this project is to enhance the existing 3rd grade poetry unit.  Mr. Green’s love of words, detail, imagination and teaching are an inspiration. Students will be more engaged in their poetry exploration and creation with Mr. Green.   They will be able to use new strategies and techniques.

Annie’s Reading Stars Program Year 2

Fales Elementary School 

Annie’s reading Stars is a read-at-home program where each child is provided with a different bag of books to take home each week.  This grant will fund the supplies required to store and deliver the books to the students’ homes with the plan to increase the span of the program over the next several years. This is the first program of its kind in Westborough Public Schools.  The Westborough Education Foundation is proud to fund this program for another year.  

Todd Sullivan,
Nov 23, 2015, 6:39 AM