A Commitment to Excellence And Innovation in Education

The Westborough Education Foundation is an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to establish a permanent fund and to allocate said fund's resources in a way that will stimulate and support the creation and implementation of innovative educational programs, partnerships and enrichment activities which are outside the funding normally provided in the school budget for Westborough's public school children.

More Info:

The Westborough Education Foundation is a private non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial support for projects and programs that expand educational opportunities, foster and stimulate creativity, and enhance the excellence of academic experiences for Westborough students. In addition, its purpose is to establish a permanent fund to support grant awards for innovative initiatives that are above and beyond the base curriculum requirements and are outside the scope of the Westborough School Department's budget.
The Foundation evaluates funding proposals from teachers, administrators, and students in each of the Westborough Public Schools for any project, activity or program which offers enrichment to the educational experience of Westborough students in science, math, literature, languages, social studies and the arts. 

The Foundation raises funds throughout the year through several programs and events, including general donations, CARE Donations, the Annual Appeal, Corporate Sponsorships, and the annual Trivia Bee.

During each funding cycle, a Grant Committee comprised of volunteers from the Foundation membership reviews all proposals. Their recommendations for grant awards are then made to the WEF Board of Directors for approval.

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