Trivia Bee a Huge Success!!!!

posted Nov 6, 2014, 12:30 PM by Todd Sullivan

On Monday night the 7th Annual Trivia Bee took place at the DoubleTree hotel. Hundreds of local residents packed the event and helped the Westborough Education Foundation raise over $18,000 for their mission to support innovative teachers and programs in the Westborough Schools.  In May the Westborough Education Foundation awarded Westborough educators over $19,000 in grants for the 2014-15 school year. 

The Westborough Youth Lacrosse team took home the 1st place trophy after edging out Westborough Youth Baseball in a thrilling sudden death bonus round.  

Other prize winners:

Marlborough Savings Bank for their "Bank of Thrones" costumes 

Armstrong Teachers won "Most Spirited"

Special thanks go to all the team sponsors and Roche Brothers for their generous contributions to the event.   

Westborough Education Foundation Announces Scholarship Recipients

posted Oct 3, 2014, 4:12 PM by Todd Sullivan   [ updated Oct 3, 2014, 10:14 PM ]

The Westborough Education Foundation Awards Two Scholarships

The Westborough Education Foundation (WEF) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2014 WEF Scholarships.  The recipients are Brendan Mitchell and Elizabeth Simmons.  Brendan is attending University of Sussex in Brighton, England and majoring in International Relations.  In addition to English, Brendan speaks fluent Spanish and French and will be studying Russian and Mandarin.  Ellie is studying at New York University in the Liberal Studies Program.  She has not declared a major yet, but will be studying the Humanities in general.  Ellie would like to study English Literature and minor in film or creative writing.  WEF wishes Brendan and Elizabeth continued success in their studies.

This is the first year that the Westborough Education Foundation has awarded two scholarships to graduates of Westborough High School.  The newly funded scholarships were established for students who go “above and beyond,” exhibit strong leadership qualities, are passionate about learning and have demonstrated creativity and innovation.  

The Westborough Education Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to fostering excellence and innovation in the Westborough public schools.  WEF is dedicated to providing financial support for projects and programs that expand educational opportunities, foster and stimulate creativity and enhance the excellence of academic experiences for Westborough students.  In addition, our purpose is to establish a permanent fund to support grant awards for innovative initiatives that are above and beyond the base curriculum requirements and are outside the scope of the Westborough School Department’s budget.  WEF supports academic programs at all levels of education across many disciplines including math, science, literacy, the arts, technology, history, and physical education.  These grants allow teachers and administrators to develop and implement innovative programs that are not covered by the regular school budget.  Since its inception in 1997, WEF has awarded over $250,000 in grants that support programs that benefit students in all grades.  For more information, visit WEF’s website at www.westborougheducationfoundation.com

If you have questions regarding this scholarship, please contact the Westborough Education Foundation, Maureen Johnson at maureenj1@verizon.net.

Who Will Win Bragging Rights at This Year's Trivia Bee?

posted Sep 17, 2014, 6:14 AM by Todd Sullivan

Who holds bragging rights as the 2013 Westborough Education Foundation Trivia Bee Champions?  It is the team sponsored by Ball Financial, represented by Selectmen, George Barrette, Tim Dodd and Ian Johnson. “The Westborough Board of Selectmen look forward to another exciting Westborough Education Foundation Trivia Bee,” stated Ian Johnson from the Board. “As reigning champions, we look forward to the friendly but intense competition offered by the other teams, all in support of the tremendous work done by the Foundation in supporting the Westborough schools.”   Who will be this year’s Trivia Bee Champs?  

The 7th Annual Trivia Bee will be on Monday, November 3, 2014 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Westborough.  More than 600 people attended last year’s Bee!  There is no school the following day, so the WEF expects another record turnout.  

The Westborough Education Foundation is currently recruiting teams and planning for a fun-filled event that will challenge teams to bring forth their best and brightest to compete in the contest.  As in past years, the Bee will feature questions about New England sports, popular culture, government, science, arts and literature, and Westborough history.  In addition to the Trivia Bee entertainment, there will be kids activities, silent auction items, raffles, food and music.

The Trivia Bee is the Westborough Education Foundation’s largest single fundraiser.  Last year, the event raised more than $16,000 to support educational grants to teachers and administrators from across all six of Westborough’s public schools.  WEF is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial support to foster excellence and innovation in education in Westborough.  The grants allow teachers to develop creative programs in literature and language, the arts, technology, social studies, science and math.  Grants totaling over $19,000 were awarded in 2014 for creative and innovative programs and events.

Sponsoring the Trivia Bee is a great way to show your commitment to education.  Sponsors can use their own trivia buffs or request a team from the schools and community to represent them.   Neighborhood groups, local businesses, and non-profit community organizations are all welcome and encouraged to sponsor a team.  For information about teams, please contact Maureen Johnson:  maureenj1@verizon.net.


posted Sep 12, 2014, 11:14 AM by Todd Sullivan   [ updated Sep 13, 2014, 8:32 AM ]


Monday, November 3rd 6:30PM (No School Tuesday)

Doubletree Hotel

Westborough Education Foundation

Seventh Annual

Trivia Bee


Silent Auction and Raffle

Join your friends, teachers and neighbors in a battle of wits.

Trivia Categories include Arts and Literature, Math and Science, Westborough History, Sports.

Teams from local businesses, organizations, neighborhoods and schools

$5 donation includes pizza, drink and dessert.

All proceeds fund educational grants to Westborough teachers for innovative programming.

The Bee is Back!  The Westborough Education Foundation hosts its SEVENTH Annual Trivia Bee on Monday, November 3, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at the DoubleTree Hotel in Westborough.  Teams of three will compete in a fun-filled evening of trivia on topics including New England sports, popular culture, government, science, arts and literature, and Westborough history.   The winning team will be given community bragging rights and a trophy.  As always, teams are very much encouraged to let their personalities show and dress in costume to vie for the “Best Spirit” and “Best Costume” awards. 

A donation of $5 per individual or $20 per family includes admission, pizza, drink and dessert.  The fun-filled night features music, 50/50 raffle and a silent auction, featuring sporting event tickets can be won. Speaking of kids, be sure to bring them – there is no school the following day!  Matt Travis of Athletic Revolution will lead kids’ games and activities in between trivia rounds. 

Proceeds from the event fund a variety of grants to teachers and staff across all of the Westborough schools.  The grants allow teachers to develop creative programs in literature and language, the arts, technology, social studies, science and math.   The Trivia Bee is the foundation’s largest fundraising effort and brings together many groups from the community for a highly spirited competition.

If you want to sponsor a team, please contact Maureen Johnson at maureenj1@verizon.net

Grants in Action: Yoga 4 Classroom

posted Sep 3, 2014, 5:33 AM by Todd Sullivan

Hastings School

September 2, 2014

Dear Westborough Education Foundation Grant Committee,

I have exciting news to share, regarding our “Yoga 4 Classrooms” grant award!  After learning we had been awarded the grant, four of our five staff members attended a professional development workshop for educators before the school year ended (to prepare in advance for the year ahead).  In August, our Principal also attended a full day development workshop, which to our delight, was scheduled and held in Westborough!  Thanks to the high interest and wonderful administrative support, Daniel Mayer was able to survey staff and schedule two more full day workshops at a more reduced cost for participants.  Over forty staff members expressed interest and most were able to attend the training.  They were requested to pay $50.00 for the class resources (as opposed to the original budget request of $180.00 per participant for outside the district).   A certified “Yoga 4 Classrooms” trainer provided the instruction and her expertise for both well attended classes.  Workshop evaluations have provided very positive feedback and teachers, specialists, paraprofessionals and administrators are looking forward to the benefits of this training for students and staff in our Westborough Schools.  Implementation has begun!

Again, we are extremely grateful for your support and are pleased in the interest that has been “ignited” as a result of this grant.  I know our students will enjoy the benefits.

Thank you again for all you do for our schools and community.


Lauren Kennedy



Grants in Action: Robotics Team Wins Title at BattleCry 15 with A 7-1 Record!!!!

posted May 30, 2014, 11:53 AM by Todd Sullivan

Last weekend (May 24 and 25), Westborough High School's FRC Team 4048 competed in its first off-season competition of 2014. Off-season competitions are used by teams to allow team members who did not have the chance to operate the robot during the regular season a chance to compete. Our team use two all-freshman drive-teams mentored by the regular season senior drive-team.

BattleCry is the oldest off-season FRC competition in Massachusetts and is highly competitive. There were 56 teams from across New England (and even New York). We finished the qualifying matches in 4th place (8-1 record) and got to select our first partner (team 2168 from Groton CT). Our second partner was a random pick from a hat and also our neighbor in the pits (team 3719 from New London CT). Together our trio of teams played an unbelievable set of matches, losing just one match from the round-of-eight (7-1 record) all the way to the title. I am incredibly proud of how these students worked well not just amongst themselves but also with other teams. They communicated, analyzed, reacted, made quick decisions on-the-fly and showed great poise even when our robot had problems (which, luckily, was rare). A mentor from another team commented that ours was the only alliance that played as a team of three.

Our school year is almost done. In mid-June we will be attending the PTC Live conference in Boston where we will demo our robot as well as play in a mini-tournament. At the end of June, we plan on attending another off-season competition at Northeastern University - Beantown Blitz.

That's it for this update. It's been an exciting week! There are BattleCry videos on our youtube channel:


and a picture on the team web site 


The team has been on a great trajectory this year and it's made possible by your generosity. We started the year as quaterfinalists at the WPI District Event, then semifinalist at the Rhode Island District Event and finished the competition season as quaterfinalists at the N.E. Championships. And now can add champions of BattleCry 15.

Thank you for your support!

Westborough Education Foundation Announces 2014-15 Grant Recipients

posted May 20, 2014, 7:18 AM by Todd Sullivan

The Westborough Ed Foundation has awarded grants totaling over $19,000 for the 2014-15 school year. Please joins us in congratulating the recipients and commend them and their innovative programs for our children!! 

Since its inception the Westborough Ed Foundation has awarded over $270,000 in grants to innovative educators across all grade levels in the Westborough School District. 

A reminder to save the date: The annual Trivia Bee has been scheduled for Monday, November 3rd at the Double Tree.  

Homework Helpers: Free Tutors

Westborough High School, Grace Cheng

Homework Helpers provides academic support to Gibbons Middle School students and to promote a positive learning environment. This grant will support marketing and scheduling processes that will allows Homework Helpers to provide academic support 

to a larger group of students,

iPads in the Classroom

Mill Pond School, Erin Yablonski, Amy D’Avia

The use of iPads in the classroom encompasses all learners, specifically those who learn best via visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning. Non only do iPads allow for the advancement and knowledge of technology applications, they also enable all learns 
to showcase their learning in a variety of ways. This grant will fund several iPads and supporting equipment.

Lisons et parlons des sciences! (Read and Talk about Science)

Westborough High School, Eleanor Brown

This grant will allow for the purchase of current science discovery book in French for use by intermediate-level students. These new non-fiction titles will allow students to foster a connection between the language they are learning and their science and 
technology interests. 

Yoga 4 Classroom to Empower Core Practices

Hastings Elementary School, Lauren Kennedy, Kim Keogh, Leigh Becker

It is the purpose of this grant to help young children develop self-regulation by practicing yoga into the classroom. 

Interactive Whiteboard Technology in the General Music Classroom

Mill Pond School, Andrea Ehrenreich

In order to facilitate multisensory music learning, this grant will fund new software programs including the “Interactive Now” series for interactive whiteboards. 


Westborough High School, Jo-Anne Purdy

The Bio Builder Curriculum encourages students to solve real world problems through synthetic biology. It allows students to act like scientists and not technicians following a cookie cutter lab procedure. This grant will ensure that all biology students have the 
consumables they need to run BioBuilder Labs. 

Annie’s Reading Stars Program

Fales Elementary School, Maryann Stannard

Annie’s reading Stars is a read-at-home program where each child is provided with a different bag of books to take home each week. This grant will fund the supplies required to store and deliver the books to the students’ homes with the plan to increase 
the span of the program over the next several years. This is the first program of its kindin Westborough Public Schools. 

Coming to America – Ellis Island Experience

Fales Elementary School, Kathleen Swanson, Patricia Gallo

This program will provide the students with a realistic immigrant experience. It will mirror what immigrants went through during their journey to America and upon their arrival at Ellis Island. The grant will cover customers, books, photography and other supplies to 
bring the immigrant experience to life. 

A Longitudinal Study of Westborough High School Graduate: year Five

Westborough High School, Judith Martin

The research on college readiness shows that there is a gap between the experiences of high school students and the expectations of colleges. Beginning with the Class of 2009, this program surveys graduates one year after graduation to ask whether they 
were prepared for college, work or military service. This grant will provide needed resources to complete the fifth year of this project. 

Functional Fitness at Gibbons Middle School

Gibbons Middle School, Nathan Jyringi, Sandy Robichaud

This grant will partially fund a new program that provides an instant activity for students to participate in at the beginning of each physical education class. Students will change and immediately begin a series of 10 fitness stations. With this program, over the 
course of two years, students will progress to higher fitness and strength levels. 

Clue: And Then There Were None

Gibbons Middle School , Denise Casale, Jennifer Nottingham

The grant is for a multi-disciplinary problem solving adventure based on the strategies employed by the board game, Clue, and Agatha Christie’s novel And Then There Were None. The project will prepare new 7thscience journal work. The project also prepares our team student, analytically, for a larger inquiry based CSI unit that takes place later in the school year. 

Book Club + Science = Fun

Gibbons Middle School, Lisa Greenwald

The purpose of this project is to show connections between non-fiction books and science. This grant will fund books and science experience supplies for students who will meet after school throughout the school year. Through participation in this program, 
students will combine a love of reading with hands on science activities. 

Museum in a Box: The Sequel

Westborough High School, Colleen Gormly, Ed Belbin

The grant is to fund the continuation of a program previously funded by the Westborough Education Foundation. The program funds the purchase of a collection of artifacts and primary sources for core history course at the high school. By putting 
authentic historical objects in front of students, this program gives them an authentic and valuable learning experience. 

Poet in Residence

Gibbons Middle School, Deb Lamothe

Alex Charalambides has been coming to the Gibbons Middle School for the past several years as a presenter and a culminating experience to the eight grade poetry project. Based on the tremendous response from Gibbons’ student to Alex Charalambides’s 
visits, the Westborough Education Foundation is proud to fund this program for another year.

Celebrate Wonderful Teachers with CARE

posted May 13, 2014, 12:43 PM by Todd Sullivan

As the end of the school year approaches, do you want to show your appreciation for your child’s teachers, principal and staff members? Add them to the “Honor Roll”!

As a meaningful year end gift, individuals, groups or classes can make a tax-deductible donation to the  Westborough Education Foundation in appreciation of these wonderful teachers. Your child’s teacher will receive notification acknowledging your gift. A notification of receipt will be sent to each contributor for tax purposes. 

WEF is a 501(c)(3) organization. 

The Westborough Education Foundation’s primary goal is to raise funds to provide innovative educational programs for Westborough students that are outside the realm of the normal school system budget. Teachers from throughout the school system are eligible to participate in our grant program, and the benefits of these grants reach children of all grade levels. Check out the WEF website for more information on what we do and grants awarded.

To celebrate remarkable educators, please fill out the bottom of this notice and send it along with your contribution to the Westborough Education Foundation, PO Box 59, Westborough, MA 01581. Please complete ALL requested information to help us expedite the acknowledgments.

The Westborough Education Foundation welcomes your support and participation in its efforts to provide more resources to our teachers and children. Your support truly makes a difference for our children. To learn more or get involved, email us at wef@westborougheducationfoundation.com 

Thank You!

Grants in Action....... Poetry Team Makes Semi-Finals!!!

posted May 12, 2014, 11:12 AM by Todd Sullivan

We are pleased to share that our WHS poetry slam team Poetry Power made it to the State Semi-Finals yesterday!  Thirty-two teams from all over Massachusetts competed in The Louder Than A Bomb event held at MassArt and Wentworth Institute.  The team placed first and third in the preliminary battles on Saturday--this gave them enough points to qualify for the semi's yesterday.  We then placed fourth in our bracket (only the first place teams make the finals).  We are so proud of our students.

If you see any of our 4 slammers,please congratulate them!

Kofi Dadzie (grade9)
Adhu Krishan (grade 12)
Gabe Espisito (grade 12)
Abram Lucas (grade 12)

Grants in Action: The Robotics Team Competes

posted Apr 14, 2014, 5:35 AM by Todd Sullivan

An update on the Westborough Robotics Team sponsored with a grant from the Westborough Ed Foundation:

"The 2014 FRC New England Region Championship is over and unfortunately, we didn't advance to the World Championships. There were 53 teams and we finished in 41st place with a record of 4-8-0. As expected, there were so many good teams that most teams fell in the middle of the ranking with very few at the top and bottom. No one went undefeated and only one team was winless. We faced a string of bad luck that could easily have changed our fortunes; but the team took it well and forged ahead. In one match, our two alliance partners became entangled with one tipping over so we had to play solo - and almost won if not for a technical foul by a human player. In two other matches, a top ranked partner inexplicably had ball shooting and handling problems. Nothing is guaranteed and this is just art imitating life.

But all was not bad. Our robot held its own even when we lost a match and other teams noticed. On Friday we deployed our secret weapon - our blocker. A few teams had blockers during the District Events but no one successfully used one. At the Championship, no other team had a blocker and no one expected us to use it; and certainly not during the autonomous period. So with the start of play, our robot deployed the blocker, posted itself in front of an extremely good opponent and blocked both of its shots. The crowd loved it. The opposing coach was overheard saying "I didn't expect that!". Little victories like this make all the hard work worthwhile. And it helped us advance to the elimination round.

Despite our poor ranking, the #2 alliance picked us to be one of their partners. We were thrilled to advance! But bad luck struck again as we lost 2 matches during the best-out-of-3 quarterfinals; and had to play shorthanded when one of our partners lost their drivetrain. In the end, we didn't accrue enough points to make the cut for the World Championship.

The Championships was a lot tougher on the robot - we had to make a few minor repairs for the first time. But on the whole it was extremely sturdy and it validated our solid design. We now start our post-season where we plan on competing at Battle Cry at WPI (Sat/Sun May 24 & 25) and Beantown Blitz at Northeastern University (Sat May 31). We will use these events to (1) train new drivers (these things are no easy to control) and (2) allow younger team members a chance to incrementally refine the robot and build their technical skillset. The season is not over yet!"

Visit the team's YouTube page here: https://www.youtube.com/user/FIRSTteam4048

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