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WEF Awards Two $500 Scholarships

posted Jun 10, 2017, 11:30 AM by Lisa Edinberg   [ updated Jun 23, 2017, 7:53 PM ]

The Westborough Education Foundation Awards Two $500 Scholarships


The Westborough Education Foundation (WEF) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 WEF Scholarships.  The recipients are Westborough High School graduates, Grace Cheng and Connor Schoen.  Grace plans to attend Stanford University majoring in Biomedical Computation, a program that prepares students to work at the cutting edge of the interface between computer science, biology, and medicine.  Harvard University is where Connor plans on studying economics and government.  Congratulations Grace and Connor!  WEF wishes you and all the WHS 2017 graduates continued success in their studies.

The scholarships were established for Westborough High School students who exhibit strong leadership qualities, are passionate about learning, and have demonstrated creativity and innovation.  These scholarships are not solely based on academic achievement but for students who go “above and beyond” and reflect the spirit and mission of WEF.  Applicants were asked to describe a school-related club or program that they have been involved in that has inspired them or describe a creative and innovative program that they would like to see in the Westborough schools that would inspire students to learn and grow.

Grace, a first generation American, has been inspired by her parents who instilled in her the importance of education.  “Education is a privilege; knowledge holds the key to a better world.”  This has inspired Grace to work hard and help others achieve academic success.  Through a three year grant from the Westborough Education Foundation, she founded Homework Helpers, a program offering free tutoring support on a one to one basis at Gibbons Middle School. There is also an interactive platform on their website that offers free on-demand tutoring. This is a very successful program, and we hope it continues to expand and thrive.

Having been very involved in community service, Connor decided to launch a town-wide project, the Service Learning Initiative (SLI).  This provides an educational opportunity for students in grades K-8 to learn how they can be catalysts for positive change in their community. This initiative engages high school students in leading insightful, exciting discussion-based lessons about community service and affecting positive change with younger students.  We hope SLI continues in the schools to enhance social and emotional learning, leadership, community service interests and project development strategies.

There was a very qualified group of applicants who are clearly passionate about learning and hope to further their knowledge and service by continuing their education.  We wish all the 2017 graduates the best in their future academics and endeavors.This year we planned to award ten $1,000 scholarships. We had 29 student applications. Students provided a brief summary of their high school experience and their “Service Above Self” essay. Their information is reviewed by a committee of Rotarians and then each applicant meets with the committee for an interview. The committee is then tasked with the job of selecting the ten recipients that rise to the top of a very qualified group of young men and women. "

The Westborough Education Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to fostering excellence and innovation in the Westborough public schools.  WEF is dedicated to providing financial support for projects and programs that expand educational opportunities, foster and stimulate creativity and enhance the excellence of academic experiences for Westborough students.  Our purpose is to support grant awards for innovative initiatives that are above and beyond the base curriculum requirements and are outside the scope of the Westborough School Department’s budget.  WEF supports academic programs at all levels of education across many disciplines including math, science, literacy, the arts, technology, history, and physical education.  These grants allow teachers and administrators to develop and implement innovative programs that are not covered by the regular school budget.  Since its inception in 1997, WEF has awarded over $360,000 in grants that support programs that benefit students in all grades.  For more information, visit WEF’s website at www.westborougheducationfoundation.com

If you have questions regarding this scholarship, please contact the Westborough Education Foundation, Maureen Johnson at maureenj1@verizon.net.